Reputation Aegis


with Advanced Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Integrated Online Reputation Management

What is Reputation Aegis?

Reputation Aegis is a Customer Intelligence Platform for Brands and Companies with Advanced Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Online Reputation Management Features:

  • Easy to Use (API or web based), Yet Extremely Powerful
  • Collects & Organises Critical Customer Intelligence Info in Custom Settings Determined by Each Brand
  • Measures Customer Experience at the Brand level, for each Location and even at the Employee Level
  • Improves your Brand Services and Products by continuous Customer Feedback
  • Effortless Assistance in Building Brand Authority and Social Proof
  • Cross Platform Monitoring of Online Reputation & Brand Image Protection on over 650 review sites worldwide: 114 in the USA, 57 in Canada, 96 in the UK...

is it for?

Suitable for all types of business, Reputation Aegis helps Small & Medium Businesses, Franchises, Large Businesses with multiple locations, to get a competitive advantage. We are technology partners with companies (developers, SaaS platforms...) wanting to offer better Customer Intelligence to their customers. Helping your Company Close More Business by Measuring, Improving Customer Experience and Monitoring, Protecting Brand Image is our goal.

does it work?

Simply ask Customers for Feedback at the right time in their Customer Journey. Reputation Aegis does the rest and collects Valuable Customer Intelligence Info. At the end of the Customer Journey, Feedback can be transformed into Reviews and promoted not only on your website, but all over the web on social networks. The platform also closely Monitors your Online Reputation and Overall Customer Experience.

will it benefit me?

All the Reputation Aegis tools have been carefully designed to assist you in Building Brand Authority and Social Proof. It will help your Brand rank higher online by Marketing your 5-star Customer Experience everywhere. Reputation Aegis improves your Brand Image Online and Offline while creating a Powerful Shield to protect your Business Reputation. Learn How the Platform will give your Brand Competitive Advantages.

 Customer Intelligence on STEROIDS!

Reaching a 5-star Customer Experience as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. You Request Customer Feedback

On Site

Use the integrated Printing Centre and instantly produce print-ready documents including: Business Cards, Flyers, Postcards, Window Decals, Paper or Plastic Table Tents, Counter Cards and Posters. Full customisation is included. Give printed Feedback requests to all your customers, or use the documents where best suited: emails, newsletters, bills, invoices...

Via Email and/or SMS

Enter your customers' Emails and/or Mobile numbers to the Platform (Full Automation can be easily achieved from any existing software or SaaS platform by your software developer). Let Reputation Aegis work! We reach out to your customers with a personalised Feedback Request via Email and/or SMS * and we do the follow-up.

2. We Collect Feedback & Verified Customer Reviews

Via an Intelligent Customer Feedback Survey Form

Optimised for Mobiles & Tablets, the Feedback Form can be fully customised with Survey Questions, Photos and even Video Testimonials (that can be auto-posted to a YouTube Channel!). Intelligent routing & Multi-lingual support is included. Throughout the Customer Journey, Gain Immediate Customer Intelligence and Knowledge of your Strengths and Weakenesses on Products, Services and even Employees.

On 3rd-party Review Sites

We Monitor Brand Image & Collect New Reviews across all major Review Sites Worldwide. When Positive Reviews are discovered on any of the Monitored Review Sites, they are published on your dedicated Review Page (see below). For a full list of monitored review sites: click here. If we are missing a specific Industry Review Site: Request it! Your 5-star Customer Experience gets immediate exposure.

3. We Market your 5-star Customer Experience


On your Review Page

Your Review page integrates perfectly to your Website and as an App on a Facebook Page - It is also Optimised for Search Engines & Multi-lingual!

On Social Networks

We auto-post Positive Reviews, at your desired pace, to your Social Pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In and Pinterest.

On Review Sites

When a Review is collected, the Reviewer can easily share it on his preferred Review Sites.


In your Marketing Materials

Export Positive Reviews with 1-click and use them in your Sales & Marketing Materials. Market your 5-star Customer Experience!

In your Sales Tools

Knowledge is Power! Reputation Aegis knows who your satisfied customers are, and so do you! Segment Customers to Send Special Offers, Run Deals, and more to Make Repeat Sales.
View how the collection process works   Watch The Video

CMA Compliance

Our collection, moderation and publishing processes comply with the recommendations by the Competition & Markets Authorities throughout the World, including the Federal Trade Commission (USA): FTC Website, and the 58 members of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network: ICPEN Website.

Review Management ICPEN Compliance

... and we are fully compliant with Google recommendations and also follow the recommendations of the ISO 20488 standard on Online consumer reviews.

Why do we comply?

All positive and negative reviews collected via the platform get published, unless they breach the General Terms of Use.

1. Collection: Reputation Aegis acts as a 3rd-party and collects customer feedback and reviews for participating brands or companies. Any customer of the brand or company can give feedback and post a review. Reviews are collected only if the user is authenticated; anonymous reviews do not get published.

2. Moderation: Participating brands or companies cannot modify or delete reviews. Before a review is published, brands or companies can respond to a customer’s complaint.

This helps resolve the issue with the customer before the review gets published.

Some illegal and inappropriate content may be censored. When a review is censored or deleted for a breach of the General Terms of Use, the reviewer is informed of the action taken.

3. Publishing: All reviews are treated equally, whether positive or negative, and are all published within the same time frame. By default, reviews are listed, from newest to oldest post, and are grouped under 3 different categories: 1. Platform collected reviews from verified customers - 2. Platform collected reviews we could not verify - 3. A selection of reviews found across the web on various 3rd-party review sites. The overall review rating is calculated without any weighting and represents the sum of all ratings divided by the number of reviews.

For the Overall rating & Ratings distribution calculation, we only count reviews collected through the platform from genuine customers. Reviews posted more than 24 months ago are not considered when calculating the overall review rating.

Health Professionals

HIPAA Compliant

Reputation Aegis is HIPAA Compliant.

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