Reputation Aegis

CMA Compliance

We are committed to respect the Competition and Consumer Protection Laws. That is why Reputation Aegis applies rigorous controls:

1. Collection:

  • Reputation Aegis acts as a 3rd-party and collects customer reviews for participating brands or companies
  • Any customer of the brand or company can post their review
  • Reviews are collected only if the user is authenticated; anonymous reviews do not get published

2. Moderation:

  • Participating brands or companies cannot modify or delete reviews
  • Before a review is published, brands or companies can respond to a customer’s complaint. This helps resolve the issue with the customer before the review gets published
  • Some illegal and inappropriate content may be censored -- please read the End-Users Terms of Service
  • When a review is censored or deleted for a breach of the Terms of Service, the reviewer is informed of the action taken

3. Publishing:

  • All reviews are treated equally, whether positive or negative, and are all published within the same time frame
  • By default, reviews are listed from newest to oldest post
  • The overall review rating is calculated without any weighting and represents the sum of all ratings divided by the number of reviews
  • Reviews are deleted after having been published for 24 months

NOTE: Reviews from external 3rd-party review sites are only a portion of all the reviews published. Please check every external 3rd-party review site for a complete picture of the brand’s or company’s reputation.