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Reputation Aegis allows any consumer of a company’s products or services to contribute by leaving feedback and reviews on a company’s review page..


Reputation Aegis provides users access to its website on the condition of their full acceptance of the following General Terms of Use. Otherwise, use of the website will be prohibited.
The purpose of these Terms of Use is to establish the rights and obligations of users with regard to their use of Reputation Aegis. These Terms will become effective upon the date they are posted online and will become binding upon the user’s first use of the website, remaining so for the full duration of such use.
Access to the Website
Reputation Aegis is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, to any user with Internet access. All costs related to accessing the site (including, without limitation, the cost of computer equipment and Internet access) are the sole responsibility of the user, who will be exclusively responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of his or her computer equipment and Internet connection.

While Reputation Aegis employs every reasonable means at its disposal to ensure uninterrupted access to the website, it cannot guarantee this. Reputation Aegis reserves the right to suspend use of all or part of the website, whether indefinitely or temporarily, without prior notice, for purposes of performing updates, modifications or maintenance or, in general, for any other technical or organizational reasons.

Therefore, Reputation Aegis will not be held liable whatsoever for the temporary or permanent unavailability of all or part of the website, for any problems arising from response times or, in general, for the failure of all or part of the website to function properly.

Use of the website implies the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use. The website is intended for personal use only. As such, the user is prohibited from using the website for commercial purposes. Any form of advertising, promotion or sponsorship that creates a source of income for the user is strictly prohibited on the website. In any event, use of the website is carried out under the sole control and responsibility of the user.
As use of the website is granted for an indefinite period, Reputation Aegis may impose a specific term at any time. The user may also discontinue use of the website at any time. The Terms of Use are binding to the user for the full duration of his or her use of the website until such time as they are replaced by new General Terms of Use.
Login: Creation or Deletion of an account
In order to use Reputation Aegis, the user must be at least 13 years of age, and the user account must be created through an existing account on one of the social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn). In addition to the data supplied in order to log in via the user's social network account, we will request the following information:
- A valid email address (mandatory),
- A cellphone number (optional).

The user must be aware of the public nature of his or her profile. As such, the user expressly acknowledges and accepts that the profile will be displayed to the public and freely accessible by the other users. Reputation Aegis has no available means of verifying the identity of every user and will not be held liable in the event of identity theft.

Information during registration: All persons using the website who wish to post content that will be made available to the public or who wish to interact with other users are obligated to identify themselves. The user expressly agrees to provide a valid email address. The user warrants that the information supplied during the registration process does not infringe on any third-party rights and is not in violation of any laws or the public order.

Post-deletion of an account: Reputation Aegis, at its sole discretion, may delete a user account, either temporarily or permanently, after it has been created, in the event that the user fails to observe the provisions of these Terms of Use. If any aspect of the account violates these Terms of Use, this may result in the deletion of the account, the elements thereof or both, without prior justification and with no remedy available to the user.
Terms of Use
Introduction to the website: Reputation Aegis enables users to post and view reviews. Therefore, it is mandatory for the user to create an account and to be identified when leaving a review. In order to avoid any conflict of interests, all operations performed by Reputation Aegis in relation to the collection, moderation and restoration of reviews will be fully independent from any possible operations related to the purchase or sale of products and services performed by professionals through the website, whether directly or indirectly, so as to ensure equitable treatment, as well as the reliability of the reviews that are posted.

With regard to the review validation process (post-moderation), the user expressly acknowledges that, both during registration and subsequent use of the website, Reputation Aegis reserves the right to contact the user via email or telephone in order to verify the authenticity of a review.

Collection of reviews: Users may post reviews on the website from their computers or cellphones. In order to post a review, the user must open and account and be identified. Therefore, the user will have previously accepted the website General Terms of Use and will have warranted being an individual without any conflict of interest regarding the professional in question. In order to post a review, the user must fill out a form that includes the following mandatory fields:
- Overall rating
- Review title
- Review text providing the details of the consumer experience

Profile moderation: The following profile information may be monitored and is subject to rejection:
A username will be rejected if it:
- Is obscene or includes illegal content
- Is connected to a brand
- Is composed exclusively of numbers
- Corresponds to a professional (e.g. logo, storefront, etc.)

An avatar will be rejected if it:
- Is obscene or contains illegal content
- Is connected to a brand
- Corresponds to a professional (e.g. logo, storefront, etc.)
- Is the photo of a minor

Moderation of reviews: Reputation Aegis reserves the right, at its sole discretion, through pre- and post-moderation, to post or delete a review at any time and for any reason without prior notice or justification, including, without limitation, any review that violates the law or the Terms of Use, that might infringe on third-party rights or that is of an offensive or illegal nature.

The user expressly waives his or her right to submit any claims stemming from such action. Any user who posts a review must bear in mind the public nature of the information he or she provides. As such, the user expressly acknowledges and accepts that his or her review and user profile will be displayed to the public and will therefore be freely accessible by the other users.

Every review that is posted is subject to post-moderation, i.e. monitoring after it has been posted. Preliminary post-moderation is performed in an automated fashion, using an algorithm, while subsequent post-moderation is performed by a live person. Regardless of whether the review is subjected to pre- or post-moderation, and regardless of the corresponding decision of the moderator to either accept or reject the review, the user will be informed via email or SMS.

Reputation Aegis reserves the right to remove a review if post-moderation expressly indicates the user's failure to comply with the General Terms of Use.

Grounds for rejecting a review:
- Illegal review: the content of the review is in violation of the law or the nature of the content is anti-Semitic, homophobic, pornographic, racist, etc.
- Abusive review: the review contains words that are hurtful, immoderate or insulting
- Duplication: a similar review has already been posted
- Customer Experience is incomplete: the product or service does not get delivered because the customer decides to cancel the delivery
- Customer Experience is too old to still be considered as relevant
- Off-topic: the review is unrelated to the professional in question
- Insufficient detail: the review does not provide sufficient detail to prove that it is the result of an actual consumer experience
- Unintelligible review: the review cannot be understood
- Personal data: the review contains personal information
- Reference to a competitor: the review cites a competitor of the professional in question
- Review related to Reputation Aegis: the review is intended for the company MAXXCOM Internet rather than for the Internet users
- Failure to comply with the General Terms of Use

Report on a post or review (Alert button)
If the user finds the content of a post or review to be abusive, it may be reported in accordance with the following conditions:
- The request must be made from the post or review
- The user must have an account and be logged on
- The report may not pertain to a post or review that is already in moderation (which does not necessarily guarantee its removal upon conclusion of the moderation process)
- The post or review will be reexamined by moderation services within a maximum period of 24 hours from the time it is reported and may be subject to additional follow-up
- The user may be contacted in this regard during the course of the moderation process, while the post or review remains visible
- The post or review will be removed if it violates the General Terms

Restoration of reviews: Reviews are restored to the professional’s page and, by default, are sorted by publication date (with the most recent appearing first). It is also possible to sort reviews by:
- Rating
- Pinned reviews
- Language

The professional receives an overall rating. This rating is calculated by taking an average of all the ratings for that professional, excluding any that older than 2 years. Every rating has the same value, as Reputation Aegis does not utilize any type of weighting.

Every review is made up of the following information:
- Overall rating entered by the user
- Submission date
- Title
- Description of the experience
- One or more photos or videos

Deletion or replacement of reviews: Users may not modify a review that has been rejected in moderation nor may they modify or replace a review once it has been posted.

Reading a review: Reputation Aegis makes no guarantees and waives all liability in relation to the content of reviews, including, without limitation, the accuracy or reliability of the information they contain and the quality of any people, products, services or information that are presented, purchased, obtained or contacted by means of a review. Consulting a review is done under the sole responsibility of the user, who assumes any and all risks that may arise as a result. Any user who consults a review acknowledges that the content has been written by the person who posted it and in no way reflects the ideas, opinions or advice of Reputation Aegis. In this regard, the user indemnifies and holds Reputation Aegis harmless against any action or recourse of any kind in relation to such consultation.

The professional’s right to respond to a review: The professional has the right to respond to a review posted on his or her page by posting a reply.
Grounds for rejecting a reply include:
- Abusive reviews
- Unintelligible reviews
- Reviews containing personal information
- Duplicate reviews
- Reviews without sufficient detail
- Reviews referring to the competition
- Reviews with illegal content
- Off-topic reviews
- Reviews related to Reputation Aegis

Removal of reviews: A review is considered expired once it is over 2 years old. At the moment a review is considered to be expired, it is removed.
Reliability and Verification of Reviews
Under its policy on validating online reviews, Reputation Aegis reserves the right to perform a verification of all posted reviews. In this regard, Reputation Aegis specifically reserves the right to contact the author of the review (by email or telephone) to request supplemental information concerning the review and the user’s personal consumer experience.
Modification of the Terms of Use
It is recommended that the user periodically consult the latest version of the Terms of Use available on the website. Reputation Aegis reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. Consequently, the user waives his or her right to claim damages of any kind as a result of such modifications. Use of the website implies the user's full acceptance of any and all revisions or modifications of the Terms of Use. All modifications to the Terms of Use become effective upon the date they are posted online and become binding upon the user’s first subsequent use of the website.
Intellectual Property
Reputation Aegis freely grants the user the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access the website solely for personal use (to the exclusion of any other uses), subject to the user’s acceptance of the Terms of Use. Reputation Aegis is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights in connection with the website, including, without limitation, its structures (such as graphs, tabs and features) and content (such as trademarks, images, logos, illustrations, photos, texts, etc.).

Any reproduction, representation or use for any purpose of all or part of the website, including, without limitation, its structures and content, without the prior written permission of Reputation Aegis will constitute forgery. It is expressly prohibited for the user to modify, enhance, edit, translate, decompile, disassemble or create one or more works derived from the Reputation Aegis website without the prior written permission of Reputation Aegis.
User Content
The user is prohibited from engaging in any acts that could be construed as a violation of third-party intellectual property rights, an infringement on personal rights (including, without limitation, defamation, insults, verbal abuse, or slandering the reputation or the integrity of another person), or a threat to another's privacy or image, the public order or morale (including, without limitation, advocating crimes against humanity, racism or child pornography).

The user is prohibited from posting on the website any reviews, photos, videos or, in general, any content that:
- Has the goal of encouraging or displays images encouraging the consumption of alcohol or tobacco
- Usurps the identity of an individual or legal entity or tarnishes the image or reputation of another person
- Tarnishes the image of Reputation Aegis
- Displays a person’s image without his or her authorization
- Encourages minors to engage in dangerous activities
- Displays the image of a minor
- Distributes information or images that impede use of the website
- Prompts unauthorized access to protected computer systems
- Displays material or images for commercial purposes, including, without limitation, references to brands, websites and commercial services, that could be construed as advertising
- Clearly promotes a political party, religion or sect or encourages activities that entail health risks, such as diets, medications, drugs, stimulants, etc.

Reputation Aegis will not be held liable for any content posted by the user, who is solely and exclusively responsible for such content. In this regard, the user warrants to Reputation Aegis that (i) his or her content does not infringe on any third-party rights; (ii) he or she has all the necessary rights and permissions related to such content; and (iii) such content is not in violation of the provisions of these Terms.

Furthermore, the user indemnifies and holds Reputation Aegis harmless against any third-party claims or actions, as well as any direct or indirect consequences of such claims or actions, to which Reputation Aegis might be subjected as a result of the content. Reputation Aegis will inform the user in the event of any legal action arising from the content he or she has posted. The user must obtain prior authorization from Reputation Aegis before making any decision that could have an impact on the brand image of Reputation Aegis or that could have financial consequences of any kind for Reputation Aegis.

If appropriate, Reputation Aegis may transmit content related to the user to any judicial or legal authority that requests it.

The user is the exclusive holder of all the intellectual property rights related to his or her reviews, photos and videos. The user will retain full ownership of these. However, the user grants Reputation Aegis worldwide, non-exclusive usage rights in relation to the reviews, photos and videos that are publically posted via the website, permitting Reputation Aegis to reproduce, publish, distribute, adapt and translate the reviews, photos and videos into any language, on any medium existing now or in the future (including, without limitation, any Internet site or mobile applications belonging to MAXXCOM Internet, its partners or third parties), in any format existing now or in the future, and for any aims, including, without limitation, commercial or advertising purposes. The user expressly authorizes Reputation Aegis to make his or her reviews, photos and videos available to any third party of its choosing. This right is granted to Reputation Aegis for the full legal duration of the copyright protection afforded to the author and his or her beneficiaries, including any extension that may be granted to the user in his or her capacity as author of the reviews, photos and videos.
Of Reputation Aegis: The user acknowledges that Reputation Aegis will not be held liable whatsoever for direct (including, without limitation, intangible property) or indirect damages related to use of the website (including, without limitation, its content or access) suffered by the user or any third party. The user is solely and exclusively responsible for such use. Reputation Aegis reserves the right to take whatever actions may be necessary in order to guarantee the user’s full compliance with his or her obligations.

Of the user: The user is responsible for his or her use of the information made available by Reputation Aegis, and must therefore be in possession of all the necessary elements when making a decision in his or her best interests. Under no circumstances will Reputation Aegis be held liable for decisions of any kind that the user may make based on the information that is accessible on the website.
In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms of Use, in the absence of an amiable resolution, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of France, notwithstanding multiple defendants or third-party claims, as well as emergency procedures or precautionary measures, either by summary or ex-parte proceedings.
Applicable Law
These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of France.


Personal Information: Reputation Aegis agrees to protect your privacy and, to this end, to observe all local, provincial, state, national and international legislation that is currently effective in Europe, the United States and Canada with regard to the protection and disclosure of personal data. While by no means a comprehensive listing, such legislation includes:
Europe: European Directive 95/46 of October 24, 1995; the Computing and Civil Liberties Law of January 6, 1978, as amended on August 6, 2004; the recommendations issued by the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL)
USA: The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, as amended from time to time; Federal Trade Commission regulations; the 2010 Massachusetts Data Privacy Regulations
Canada: The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
Information We Collect: The personal information collected by Reputation Aegis comprises the data you furnish voluntarily at the time you create your account. In order to perform certain functions, for example, to post reviews, it may be necessary for Reputation Aegis to collect other information during your use of the website, including, without limitation, your IP address (the address of your computer) and cookies.
Use of the Information We Collect: Reputation Aegis uses your personal information to provide you with a high-quality user experience. The personal information identified as mandatory is necessary in order to ensure the correct function of the website features that enable you to post reviews, photos and videos. The personal information we collect automatically (including your IP address and cookies) enable us to gather statistics related to page visits on our website.
Security: Every reasonable precaution has been taken to store your personal information in a secure environment for such period as is necessary for implementation of the service.
Your Right to Access, Rectify, Modify and Dispute your Personal Information: In accordance with the aforementioned local, provincial, state, national and international legislation, you are entitled to access, rectify and dispute your personal information. You may exercise these rights by communicating your wishes, along with proof of your identity:
- By email
- By regular mail

Additionally, you may delete a review, photo or video at any time by communicating your wishes as indicated above or by clicking on the “Alert” button at the bottom of each review.
Disclosure of your Personal Information: The personal information collected by Reputation Aegis during use of the website is not shared with any third party without your prior, express consent. However, you are hereby informed that we may be obligated to disclose this information without your authorization in order to enforce a law, settlement or ruling of a competent regulatory or judicial authority, or, if necessary, in order for Reputation Aegis to protect its rights and interests.

The following company is responsible for handling your personal information: MAXXCOM Internet, 2 Rue des 3 Mâts, 56260 LARMOR-PLAGE - FRANCE.
Cookies: You are hereby informed that our website employs cookies. The cookies we use serve to authenticate the user’s identity when accessing the website and to ensure that no one else has access to his or her data.